Understand Customer Intent.
Predict Long-Term Value.
Reduce Risk & Churn.

Increase Conversions. Predict Churn.

Increase Conversions
Uncover application bottlenecks, pain-points, and optimal work-flows for your customers and agents. ForMotiv will deliver explanation-based recommendations to increase NPS and promote agent efficiency. 

Predict Churn
Receive real-time Churn Alerts when customers show behavioral signs of frustration and negative brand association.   

Dynamic Engagement
Greet and service your digital customers with the same level of personalization they’d expect in-store. Introduce contextual help or chat lines for those that need it, and streamline the process for those that don’t.

insurance digital experience

Reduce Fraud and "Never-Pays"

Dynamic Security
Introduce intelligent Step-Up-Qualification (SUQ) to keep bad actors at bay while not adding unnecessary friction for genuine customers.

Predict User Intent
Know if a customer is likely to be profitable, a delinquent payer, or have an increased propensity for risk & fraud.

Real-Time Behavior Alerts
Setup real-time alerts for known risky behaviors and drill down into any customer/agent session for a full behavioral audit.

Monitor Call Center Behavior

Optimize the Agent Experience
The agent experience matters. Enhance agent applications and workflows based on the desired user flow to promote efficiency & profitable conversions.

Detect Agent “Gaming” / “Manipulation”
Trust but verify. ForMotiv Forensics uncovers the objective insight needed to spot hidden patterns of agent abuse.

Agent Performance
Learn which agents are your most efficient and profitable. Why do others not work as efficiently? How much time do they spend per question, page, and application? What are the biggest behavioral indicators of high-value conversions?

improving customer experience

Example Use Cases for Telecom

how do insurers predict the increase of individual risks
New Account Opening

Behaviors such as form-fill velocity, copy/paste of sensitive information, and corrections can signal high-risk applicants. Receive real-time notifications of custom behaviors for instant qualification.

Predict Delinquency and Churn

Determine when your agent is representing the customer better than they’re representing your business, and unlock a full audit trail for collaborative agent + customer applications.

Call Center Optimization

Invisible to the end-user, ForMotiv sits behind existing online forms and gathers valuable new data to determine an Intent Score, in real-time. This data is unique to you and we can model against any desired outcome such as abandonment, delinquency, and risk.

Easy to Integrate. Easy to Use. Totally Safe & Secure.

formotiv integration
Easy Integration

ForMotiv’s JS Snippet embeds inside of your Tag Manager, directly in your website, or through our API and instantly begins tracking form inputs.

Easy to Use

24/7 access to the ForMotiv portal gives your team real-time data analytics on each individual applicant. Drill down on specific applications, questions, and user actions.

Zero PII Collected

Your data is totally secure as ForMotiv collects zero Personal Identifiable Information (PII).

Own Your Data

Your data is just that, yours. ForMotiv provides you access to all of the raw data collected. No customer or outcome information is used with other customers.

A magician never reveals their secrets...Don't you hate that? Black boxes are annoying. At ForMotiv, we're fans of the glass-box approach.