Join ForMotiv’s Partner Ecosystem

Insurance Technology and Data Providers, Reinsurers, and others can easily benefit from ForMotiv’s Behavioral Data & Solutions.

Trusted Across the Insurance Industry

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Trusted Across the Insurance Industry

Benefits of Partnering

ForMotiv makes it easy to bring our Behavioral Data, Growth, and Risk Solutions to your platform and customers. 

Resell Together

Offer out-of-the-box ForMotiv Behavioral Data & Solutions to your carrier customers for additional revenue

White Labeled Solutions

Whitelabel ForMotiv Data & Analytics for custom dashboards and reporting

Enhance Underwriting Engines

Improve underwriting accuracy by identifying high-risk applications in real-time

Improve Customer Experiences

Receive granular insight into how customers are leveraging your digital applications to improve their customer experience

What’s Unique About ForMotiv Data?

Simple Integration

Easy Javascript integration deployed through your Tag Manager

Glass-Box Approach

5,000+ unique behavioral data points captured in each application. Accessible in real-time or batch file.

1st Party Behavioral Data

Granular, curated 1st-party data easily combined with your existing data sets

Intuitive Data Features

Capture dozens of intuitive behaviors like Hesitation, Error Rate Collections, Cognitive Loads, and more

Totally Safe & Secure

Zero PII Captured. GDPR & CCPA Compliant