Actionable Behavioral  Analytics Built for Insurance. 

Create intuitive digital experiences that react, nudge, or intervene based on user intent, in real-time.

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More Behavioral Data than Existing Solutions
Predictive Model Accuracy
Insurance Applications Analyzed
Behavioral Data Points Captured

1st Party Behavioral Data Analytics & Intent Scoring

As users engage with your digital forms and applications, they leave behind behavioral breadcrumbs that tell a story about their intent. 

ForMotiv captures hundreds of these unique behavioral data cues, comprised of thousands of behavioral micro-expressions, while a user is actively filling out a form or application.

Our solution is able to read this “digital body language” and translate it into intent data to precisely predict user intent such as genuine, confused, or risky customers.

From there, we enable companies to create dynamic experiences that adapt and nudge users, in real-time, based on their behavior to drive the desired outcome. All of this is based on behavior data tracking.

We call this Behavioral Intelligence.

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ForMotiv's Proprietary Behavioral Intent Dataset Has 10x More Data than Existing Clickstream Solutions

Example Use Cases for Insurance Analytics

insurance digital experience
Marketing & CX
  • Lead Scoring
  • Remarketing Intelligence
  • Dynamic Experiences
insurance agent application fraud
Risk & Fraud
  • Real-Time Risk Scoring
  • Predict Nondisclosure
  • Bot Detection
  • Accelerated Underwriting
  • Intent Scoring
  • Dynamic Friction
Data Science
  • Digital Behavioral Science for Intent Scoring
  • Raw Behavioral Data
  • Real-Time Deterministic Signals
Agent Distribution
  • Lead Scoring & Prioritization
  • Agent “Gaming”
  • Agent Benchmarking
claims analytics
Claims Analytics
  • Predict FNOL
  • Claims Fraud
  • Claims UX
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