Behavior, Good or Bad, Tells a Story About User Intent. 

ForMotiv helps leading insurance carriers understand the truthfulness and intent of their applicants and agents by analyzing their digital body language as they fill out online forms and applications. 

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Based on learnings from +400 million insurance applications.

Delivering Value Across the Enterprise

Reduce Risk
Increase Revenue
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How We Predict Intent

As users engage with your digital forms and applications, they leave behind behavioral breadcrumbs that tell a story about their intent. 

ForMotiv captures hundreds of these unique behavioral data cues, comprised of thousands of behavioral micro-expressions, while a user is actively filling out a form or application.

We use Behavioral Data Science to read this “digital body language” and translate it into intuitive and ingestible intent scores, giving carriers unprecedented insight into applicants purchase intent, riskiness, and more.

ForMotiv's Data Advantage

The value of the ForMotiv Platform is growing exponentially as our data flywheel continues to turn. As our customer base grows, so too does our dataset, enabling new feature creation that drives increasingly accurate predictive models and higher ROI for our customers.

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