Predicting User Intent with Behavioral Data Science

ForMotiv invented a way to collect and process thousands of unique behavioral “micro-expressions” while users engage with your digital forms to predict their intent so you can act on it, in real- time.

Carriers are missing a critical dataset when making crucial underwriting decisions…

How are users behaving during the application process?

Turns out, how a user behaves while filling out a digital application is highly indicative of their intent.

ForMotiv’s runs real-time machine learning on tens of thousands of digital behavioral data points captured during the digital application process to instantly and accurately predict the intent of the end-user.

With real-time intent scoring, ForMotiv unlocks an unprecedented level of personalization and enables dynamic experiences tailored to each end-user.

Explore how leading carriers are leveraging ForMotiv Solutions across the insurance industry

Solutions built with learnings from +600 million insurance applications…

Trusted Across the Insurance Industry

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ForMotiv’s Data Advantage

Simple Integration

Easy Javascript integration deployed through your Tag Manager

Glass-Box Approach

5,000+ behavioral data points captured in each application. Accessible in real-time or batch file.

1st Party Behavioral Data

Granular, curated 1st-party data easily combined with your existing data sets

Intuitive Data Features

Capture dozens of intuitive behaviors like Hesitation, Error Rate Collections, Cognitive Loads, and more

Totally Safe & Secure

Zero PII Captured. GDPR & CCPA Compliant