Recognize User Intent with Curated Behavioral Data Analytics Built for Insurers

ForMotiv invented a way to collect and process thousands of behavioral “micro-expressions” while users engage with your digital forms to score user intent instantly and accurately.

What your applications capture today...

behavioral data science

What your applications capture with ForMotiv...

behavioral data science

How It Works...

ForMotiv’s first party data platform enables real-time adaptive experiences that can add or remove friction during the application process based on a user’s behavior. Use innovative insurance data analytics to turn your statics apps into SmartApps.

Easy to Integrate. Easy to Use. Totally Safe & Secure.

formotiv integration

1-week Integration

ForMotiv’s JS Snippet embeds inside of your Tag Manager, directly in your website, or through our API and instantly begins tracking form inputs.

Easy to Use

24/7 access to the ForMotiv portal gives your team real-time insurance data analytics on each individual applicant. Drill down on specific applications, questions, and user actions.

Zero PII Required

Your data is totally secure as ForMotiv requires zero Personal Identifiable Information (PII).

Own Your Data

Your data is just that, yours. ForMotiv provides you access to all of the raw data collected. No customer or outcome information is used with other customers.