Our Story

It wasn’t too long ago when most financial service transactions were done face-to-face.

Whether you were applying for a new credit card, a mortgage, or a life insurance policy, you would likely sit down with an agent to fill out your application.

That agent, like any good salesperson, was trained to read your body language and behavioral cues.

But what if they were blindfolded? It would make their job of reading and reacting to your body language impossible.

The Digital Transformation has blindfolded companies by moving their face-to-face transactions online, and most don’t even realize it.

In 2017, we set out to solve this problem by creating ForMotiv, a Digital Behavioral Intelligence platform that helps companies understand their users intent like never before. Using our patent-pending “Digital Polygraph,” we’re able to analyze thousands of behavioral cues, or someone’s “digital body language,” collected while they engage with a form or application. Our machine learning models digest this behavioral information and allows our customers to understand and optimize user experiences while predicting and reducing risk and fraud, all in real-time. 

ForMotiv is working with leading financial service and on-demand companies to help them better understand their users, measure behavior, and predict intent.

We currently have offices in Philadelphia and Ho Chi Minh City and are continuing to expand our global client base.

Backed by successful East Coast Angel Investors who have extensive experience as technology entrepreneurs and investors, ForMotiv is leading the way into the new frontier of Digital Behavioral Intelligence.

To learn more about how we’re helping Fortune 500 companies predict and prevent fraud, lower risk, and optimize application experiences, see our solutions.

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Our Values

We believe we're only as successful as our team. We're a scrappy, collaborative group that is open to challenging each other and believe in learning something new everyday.
Work Ethic

We look at each day as an opportunity to get better for our team, ourselves, and our customers.


We believe in each employee having responsibility and accountability to deliver.


We look at each day as an opportunity to learn something new, not as an opportunity to prove what we already know.


We care how others feel around us, and we take necessary time to understand their points of view.


We know our strengths and weaknesses and aren’t afraid to ask for help.


We have the judgment to do the right thing even when it’s not in our own self interest.

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