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The biggest challenge facing insurance carriers today is figuring out how to create the best, most personalized user experience possible without increasing risk. But as the insurance industry continues shifting online and carriers continue adopting accelerated underwriting and straight-through processing, there is a lack of real-time data available to help carriers make instant decisions with confidence and accuracy.

It was only a few years ago when insurance was sold face-to-face. In that scenario, an agent could read and react to the user’s body language and tailor the experience to the individual. Today, there is a need for real-time data to help carriers understand the intent of their digital users so they can offer that same level of personalization and drive the best outcomes.

In 2018, ForMotiv set out to solve this problem. Our Behavioral Data Science platform runs real-time machine learning models on tens of thousands of digital behavioral data points captured during the digital application process to instantly and accurately predict the intent of the end user. ForMotiv identifies high-risk users, potential cases of fraud/non-disclosure, window shoppers, high-intent buyers, frustrated/confused users, and more during the application process, meaning carriers can take action during the user journey to create personalized user experiences.

We work with leading carriers including several Top 10 Life and P&C customers, Reinsurers, eApp providers, and more across the insurance space.

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