Increase Conversions & Reduce Premium Leakage with ForMotiv’s P&C Solutions. 

Behavioral Data Science makes it possible for carriers to deliver a unique, personalized experience tailored to each user by predicting and acting on end-user intent. 

Trusted Across the Insurance Industry

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P&C Solutions Custom Built Leveraging Learnings from 300mm+ Applications Analyzed

Misrepresentation & Premium Leakage Solution

ForMotiv’s Misrepresentation Solution dynamically screens applications and determines those worthy of accelerated underwriting versus those that require further review. 

Conversion Lift Solution

Understand Purchase Intent and Improve Digital Experiences to Sell More Policies with ForMotiv’s Conversion Solution.

Agent Oversight & Distribution Analytics Solution

Granular Behavioral Insights & Analytics Built for Agent Distribution Channels. 

Claims Solution

Simplify and expedite the claims experience for genuine, low-risk customers while redirecting human resources towards risky or complex claims. 

3rd Party Data Solution

Optimize 3rd party data costs by selectively calling pre-fill and validation data based on likelihood to bind. 

Behavioral Data Solution