Agents are customers, too.

Digital Behavioral Intelligence (DBI) for Agents and Employee Experiences

Understanding the experience of your customers is important, but so is understanding the experience of your employees.

No matter what industry you’re in and whether or not you have captive, independent, MGA and distributed agents, call center employees, etc…(for the sake of this article, let’s group all of these together as employees)…you should consider your employees your customers, too.

And yes, we know balancing user experience with risk can be a challenge, but that’s why we built ForMotiv.

Like customers, companies should not simply concern themselves with monitoring risk but creating seamless and efficient user experiences for all. 

An old boss of mine used to say most internal software was “built by clerks, for clerks.”

Translation: If the “user” is inside the company walls, who cares how it works, so long as it works.

Today, that mentality will lead to your prompt inclusion in the 3.7% of unemployed citizens.

Maximizing the employee experience is a key area of focus for companies as competition is fierce and many options are available.

Attracting agents by way of slick portals, applications, and user experiences are on the rise.

Just ask iPipeline after their recent $1.5B sale to Roper Technologies.

But what do you do once you’ve built or bought that portal?

The first step is getting the employee/agent experience right, the next step is helping those employees increase their daily performance.

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Employee and Agent Experience Optimization

Understanding how your agents are interacting with your workflows is the first step in treating them as a customer.

Today, there are qualitative processes to understand agent/employee engagement. In addition, there are HR tools and other solutions to understand employee satisfaction and performance. 

But what about tangible, quantitative data that helps you not only identify employee pain points but helps you optimize their experience to drive real, meaningful results?

Before now, there was no way to truly measure employees online engagement.

Ever wonder where employees are having trouble with their enterprise applications? Instead of asking for feedback and then summarizing learnings and surveys per employee, ForMotiv’s Behavioral Intelligence solution helps identify bottlenecks in your workflows.

ForMotiv collects millions of customer behavioral data points and objectively identifies pain, confusion, and friction across your entire internal workflow. 

ForMotiv can help make subjective surveys a thing of the past.

By understanding micro-interactions within your employee workflows, fully optimized experiences are now achievable.

In addition, ForMotiv tracks when you make employee/agent experience changes and monitors engagement in an anonymized fashion with no need for costly, long, ineffective feedback loops.

Employee/Agent Experience and Performance Overview 

And how do you benchmark top performers from others? Of course, you look at the total output, written business, or even take his or her managers word for it.

But what if you could measure performance tangibly with quantifiable metrics – then use that data to help your employees be more productive?

ForMotiv helps our customers not only understand who the best performers are but helps identify the best managers, agencies, and call centers. And for the ones lagging, provides meaningful data as to why. 

For example, why is one agency or call center taking longer in the application than others? Or why do certain parts of the country drive more sales when marketing dollars are the same across regions. Maybe it’s a training issue, or tablet versus desktop, or lack of employee engagement with that one specific location.

Behavioral Intelligence allows companies to trace these types of symptoms back to the root cause and solve them once and for all. 

The Benefits of Behavioral Intelligence for Employees

Providing a better employee experience and a dynamic customer experience not only results in happier employees but more customers. As Richard Branson famously said, “Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.” 

While craft beer and ping pong tables may help on the surface, it’s time we use all of the data at our fingertips (literally) to continuously improve the digital experience for our customers and employees. 

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