Case Study | Top 10 Life Carrier Generates a +$10m ROI Uncovering Non-Disclosure

About the Case Study

A few years ago, this Carrier accelerated roughly 10% of underwritten policies. Today that number is closer to 70%, and will rise to 90% by 2025. They spend as much as $250 to underwrite one application using up to 13 different 3rd-Party data sources. To maintain profitable growth of their AU program, it was imperative that they find a better way to fast track highly-qualified applicants and flag risky applicants for further testing and review. Specifically, the carrier needed to evaluate, in real time, the relative risk of applicants in their consumer-completed medical questionnaires.

Using ForMotiv, the client was looking to accomplish 3 goals:

  1. Determine applicants with a high likelihood of placing and accelerate their policy
  2. Identify instances of non-disclosure and triage the applications in real-time
  3. Leverage behavioral data to improve predictive models during the accelerated underwriting process

Trusted Across the Insurance Industry

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Trusted Across the Insurance Industry

Why Use ForMotiv Data?

Simple Integration

Easy Javascript integration deployed through your Tag Manager

Glass-Box Approach

5,000+ behavioral data points captured in each application. Accessible in real-time or batch file.

1st Party Behavioral Data

Granular, curated 1st-party data easily combined with your existing data sets

Intuitive Data Features

Capture dozens of intuitive behaviors like Hesitation, Error Rate Collections, Cognitive Loads, and more

Totally Safe & Secure

Zero PII Captured. GDPR & CCPA Compliant