Case Study: Account Opening Fraud Detection

A Global U.S. Card Issuer Generates 13x ROI by Detecting New Account Fraud and Accepting More Credit Card Applications Automatically Using ForMotiv's Behavioral Intelligence Solution

case study account opening fraud detection

This credit card issuer prides themselves on customer
service and advanced fraud controls.


This global financial service company was suffering from millions of dollars of fraud losses as a result of fake account opening. Stolen personal information was used to create synthetic IDs and the cards were approved. Their existing fraud detection models were based on traditional means of verifying personal data, device ID, etc.


After integrating ForMotiv’s Behavioral Intelligence solution, they were able to capture users micro-interactions, digital body language, and leverage real-time risk scores and machine learning behavioral analysis models. With this new level of visibility, they were able to distinguish between legitimate and fraudulent applications, saving them millions of dollars and countless hours chasing false positives.