Dynamic Security With Digital Behavioral Intelligence

Measure User Behavior.
Predict Intent.

The End of Customer Ignorance

As customers continue to demand seamless online experiences, businesses have shifted from “Face-to-Face” to “Faceless” interactions. With that, the innately human ability to understand intent by reading and reacting to body language has been lost. 

ForMotiv’s A.I. powered Digital Behavioral Intelligence platform solves this problem by analyzing a user’s digital body language and provides critical insights into user’s motives and intent.

Why Behavioral Intelligence?

Traditional fraud prevention solutions, like two-factor authentication and behavioral biometrics are falling short in this key area – knowing that John Smith is John Smith doesn’t help determine if John Smith is a risky customer or likely to commit fraud.

In our data sheet, we share how Behavioral Intelligence is crucial for understanding customer behavior to increase conversions and reduce risk. We cover:

  • The Digital Transformation’s Impact on Fraud
  • The Future of Business Analytics with Behavioral Intelligence
  • The Importance of Understanding Digital Body Language

Increased online conversions, a better user experience, and lower risk & fraud are right around the corner. Get the data sheet to learn more.