Learn why 2023 is the year Real-Time Behavioral Intent Data gains mass adoption within the Insurance industry.

As carriers shift focus from growth to profitability, there is a newfound urgency to acquire first-party intent data to help make better underwriting, marketing, and claims decisions. Leading carriers are turning to ForMotiv's first-party Behavioral Data Solutions to predict user intent in real-time to identify and reduce risk without adding unnecessary friction to the digital application process.

See How ForMotiv's First-Party Behavioral Intent Data is Leveraged by Leading Carriers Today

Table of Content:

  1. First, Second, and Third-Party Data
  2. First-Party Marketing Data
  3. First-Party Underwriting Data
    • Veracity of Customer-Submitted Data in P&C Insurance
    • Veracity of Customer-Submitted Data in Life Insurance
  4. The Story We’re Hearing in 2023
  5. Leveraging ForMotiv’s First-Party Behavioral Intent Data
  6. Purchase Intent & Lead Scoring
  7. Eliminating Bad Risks & Improving Loss Ratios
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