Understand Agent Behavior with Agent Distribution Analytics 

Arm yourselves and your agents with actionable behavioral intelligence to improve agent distribution channels.

“ForMotiv was able to quickly identify policies our agents were pushing through that were likely to churn within a few months.” – Head of Product of Unicorn InsurTech
Behavioral Features Captured Per Application
Micro-Expressions Captured Per Application
Early Churn Reduction
Applications Analyzed

Improve Lead Scoring & Prioritization

More productive agents means more revenue. Start optimizing your agent distribution channels.

ForMotiv’s intent scores tell your agents which applicants are high-intent, likely to buy, likely to pick up the phone, and more. The days of “first-in-first-out” are over – leverage behavioral intent data for a healthier bottom line. 

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Prevent Agent "Gaming"

Unfortunately, agents aren’t always doing what is in the company’s best interest. 

ForMotiv can tell you when agents are manipulating applications to “game” the system. Changing customer answers, editing class codes, ghost broking, pushing through risky/bad policies, we’ve seen it all.

Agent Analytics

ForMotiv allows carriers to drill down on agent and agency metrics like never before. Benchmark agents by loss ratio, closed business, productivity, or certain behavioral metrics/actions.

Reporting can be received offline or real-time. 

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Easy to Integrate. Easy to Use. Totally Safe & Secure.

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Easy Integration

ForMotiv’s JS Snippet embeds inside of your Tag Manager, directly in your website, or through our API and instantly begins tracking form inputs.

Easy to Use

24/7 access to the ForMotiv portal gives your team real-time data analytics on each individual applicant. Drill down on specific applications, questions, and user actions.

Zero PII Collected

Your data is totally secure as ForMotiv collects zero Personal Identifiable Information (PII).

Own Your Data

Your data is just that, yours. ForMotiv provides you access to all of the raw data collected. No customer or outcome information is used with other customers.