We measure the trustability of user-provided data from your web and mobile forms. Our customers get excited knowing that we can detect and score users that "play the system" to make themselves appear better on "paper." We provide scoring and visuals that "red-line" areas where users exhibit suspicious activity.

Our platform captures and analyzes behavioral activity inside your web or mobile app and provides you with actionable insights into your users' psychographic behavior patterns, recommendations for optimization and even tools to engage users when and where they show signals that they need help.

Formotiv is very different from other offerings because of our unique data sets, deep behavior modeling, and focus on objective qualitative data. Read more below.

Objective Data Sets

User behavior is a critical data vector for your business, but leading analytics tools don't show you the depth of the "journey" users take when entering complex and sensitive data. Formatic gives you new, objective and actionable data about users' behavior to help you optimize the customer experience.

Real-Time Lead Quality Scoring

Formatic analyzes the quality of web leads with behavioral modeling. When your lead form is completed online, Formatic provides a score and a link to behavioral charts you can use to further qualify your prospect. (Oh, and we can also tell you all about those who didn't complete your app!)

Active Engagement

Not all users are equal, so engaging them isn't a simple strategy. Formatic's Javascript event-based engagement API uses behavioral profiles and target demographics to engage users IF and WHEN they need it, providing a focused, contexual and individualized experience for the right qualified users.

Our Story

Our team has lived and breathed web and mobile technologies since the dot-com boom, and we have suffered through years of terrible web and mobile user experiences as both the service provider and the consumer.

When we pivoted from our early tech, we had an epiphany about the most significant and hidden challenge with Web and Mobile SaaS technology: learning user behavior, how to measure the quality of a user's data, and how that affects sales and marketing. It turns out that this is a big deal, and user behavior SHOULD be influencing how you optimize your web apps, marketing campaigns and sales qualification process. Formotiv was created to address this challenge and provide our clients with actionable insights about their own customers.

Our team has heaps of experience in enterprise and consumer tech. From document management, enterprise SaaS, mobile BaaS, data security, fintech analytics to social and mobile, we have years of recent and relevant experience growing great ideas into profitable ventures.

Formotiv is led by founder Andrew Schwabe


Original form builder tech. First pharma customers.


Pivot: Tracking failed form submissions


New behavioral analytics prototype


First pilot


TechCrunch NYC


5th pilot


Scaled 1000x for pilot


Real-time lead scoring


Re-launch as Formotiv

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