What +200mm insurance applications taught us about predicting intent with behavioral data science.

Learn about the evolution of analytics from Google Analytics to Behavioral Analytics to Behavioral Intelligence and the future of Behavior-as-a-Service.

Behavioral Intelligence & 1st Party Intent Data are the hottest trends for Financial Services in 2022

Table of Content:

  1. User Behavioral Analytics v1 | Google Analytics
  2. User Behavioral Analytics v2 | Marketing & User Experience
  3. Behavioral Biometrics | Authentication & Security
  4. The Rise of Accelerated Underwriting
  5. You Can’t Make Real-Time Decisions Without Real-Time Data
  6. User Behavioral Analytics v2 | Predicting Intent with Behavioral Data Science
  7. How It Works…
  8. Signal Studio | A Simple Way to Make Sense of Complex Behavioral Data
  9. MotivScore | Instantly and Accurately Predict User Intent